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                                          Prof. Dr. Hj. Rafek Saleh - Executive Director IHIA / MHCT Agency




Les Ateliers du Goût - Noyal Pontivy,  Brittany, France



London, UK Halal Industry Workshop & Lead Auditor Training Program... ٱلْـحَـمْـدُ للهِ





CONGRATULATIONS - Perth Inflight Catering (PIC) on your success.

Dated: 25th June 2018.          Venue: Pan Pasific Hotel, Perth, Western Australia.

You very well deserve this Excellent Award for your Halal, Hygiene, Safety & Quality Team hard work and dedication.


Up coming Halal Lead Auditor Training @ The Heritage Hotel, Manila, Philippines.

From 01st till 03rd August 2018 (03 Days Program).

Due to on demand, special offer Halal Training Program for only PHP 15,000.00 PESO / USD$300.00.

Limited seat, register early before 20th July 2018. All are welcome. For booking, call now:

Dr. Jane Tranquilan: Philippines Phone:  Smart: 0930 233 8569, and globe: 0995 643 3608 

Malaysia: +6 019380 9652 / +6 016208 9652



Greetings & Salam from Belgium.

Feel very honored to have been invited and offered the responsibility to conduct the Halal Program

again at a wonderful country Belgium...... لحمد لله على كل حال

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Dr. Haji Rafek Saleh
Executive Director - IHIA (International Halal Integrity Alliance)

Principal Halal Consultant - MHCT Agency, KL, Malaysia.









Latest News: Halal Certification of Etihad Airline Catering in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Etihad Airport Services Catering (EASC), Abu Dhabi (AUH) once again has passed the Halal and Hygiene compliance audit and has been conferred the Halal Certification by MHCT and accreditation by IHIA (International Halal Integrity Alliance). 

EASC is one of the first and the largest halal-certified food facility in the United Arab Emirates according to International Halal Integrity Alliance, the non-profit organization that grants the certification.

On the 02th November 2015, Mr. Paul Haines, General Manager Etihad Airport Services Catering, received the IHIA Accreditation Award and the MHCT Halal Compliance certification respectively for Abu Dhabi unit. A total of 63 participants of the Halal Awareness training were also given certificates.

In the certification of the Halal status, the audit process covers all aspects of preparation, cooking, processing, handling, storage, transportation, cleaning, sanitation and disinfection and good management practices.

The inspection should not create or give rise to any question or doubt.The Halal Lead Auditor will only confer the Halal status when he is fully confident and satisfied beyond any reasonable doubt, on every aspects of the inspection. This has been the case at EASC (AUH) which produces Halal inflight catering meals to its clientele.  


May Allah accept all our good deeds.

HALAL is a cross-over brand that has demonstrated the ability to attract Muslims and Non-Muslims alike. While this may at first seem surprising, especially right now, that Islam means peace and roughly translatable as the “religion of human naturalness”.

So Halal is of course in harmony with basic human nature. We naturally like what is good, clean, hygienic, quality, safety, healthy, nutritious and wholesome.  

For example, as National carrier, such as Saudi Airlines, Royal Brunei, Qatar, Oman, Pakistan, Malaysia Airlines etc. must fulfill the Halal requirements simply to ensure the safety, quality and cleanliness from an Islamic perspective.

"The primary commitment is to assure meals of the highest standards and to deliver quality inflight services that meets customer satisfaction," Hj. Rafek said. "In essence, the Halal, Hygiene, Quality and Safety of the food are the utmost importance and is consistent with HACCP, ISO and other quality and safety standards which are inline with industry best practices".  



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 All Halal caterers are required to understand and conform to the Halal Standards as per Malaysian protocol.


                                                          JAKIM World Halal Recognised Certification Bodies - 2012

We at MHCT would like to inform all caterers and food suppliers worldwide that we provide Halal consultation, certification and training to key personnel. We also continuously monitor all kitchen production facilities, procedures, storage facilities, transportation, product ingredients and processed food especially meat/ poultry items and its derivatives.


Our mission is to promote Halal, Hygiene, Quality and Safe food that meets customer satisfaction through the implementation of “The 5 P’s” i.e. to:-

 P1       :    Practice Islamic and healthy dietary laws

P2       :    Provide Halal food guidelines

P3       :    Propagate or disseminate information about Halal and hygienic food

P4       :    Promote Halal and hygienic food consumption

P5       :    Prohibit low quality food product or ingredient.

We have developed a documented procedure for producing Halal products. The procedure is consistent with HACCP and other quality assurance standards

and is easily implemented. We work closely with the caterer every step of the way to make sure all questions are answered and the Halal food procedures are

integrated into the standard operating procedures (SOP).

Our office is available year-round for this consultation and it is part of the service we provide to our caterers and suppliers worldwide.

Once the premises or product meets the requirements for Halal accreditation, a certificate is issued.

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