Statement of Fact

Malaysia New Trade Descriptions (Certification and Marking of Halal) Order 2011 that comes into operation on 1 January 2012 stated;

All food and goods shall not be described as Halal or be described in other manner to indicate that the food or goods can be consumed or used by a Muslim unless it is (a) certified as halal by JAKIM / MAIN; and (b) marked with JAKIM / MAIN logo.

The outline Halal (lawful) and Tayyib (good) standards will ensure that your product is of the highest authentic quality both in terms of Halal and Hygiene. This ultimately has a consumer reach of more than 6 billion people worldwide. We provided extensive Halal related services which include:

  • Research
  • Advisory
  • Training
  • Cleaning Service (Samak)
  • Consultancy

Certification Procedures

  1. To apply halal certificate, the premise must comply with Halal Standard set by JAKIM (the national halal certification body) for the environment, the source and ingredient, the factory, the storage of raw material, the transportation and the warehouse. This includes the hygiene standard and complete cleanliness.
  2. Qualified applicant must:
    - Fill-up the form
    - Agree with the quotation
    - Make the payment
    Inspection to the site will be done accordingly.
  3. Prior to qualification granted by Competent Halal Certification Body, the site audit has to be done by approved and qualified auditor as assessor to ensure that the premise meets the standard of halal premise.
  4. The halal certificate holder must comply with all requirements and guidelines of halal certification including not changing suppliers of ingredients for critical ones. If there is any change of ingredient or its supplier, they must inform Certification Body in writing.

Value Added Services

If required our company with collaboration with our strategic alliances will also be able provide you on related services such as;

Food Handler Course

Food safety does not happen by accident. You must follow certain steps and procedures throughout the entire food process to make sure food is safe. We provide effective training to all food handlers from F&B Manufacturers, hotels, restaurants, pastries/bakeries, educational institutions, caterers and inflight caterers.

The course modules will benefit you in;

  • Prevent Halal non compliance and foodborne outbreaks
  • Improve business and sales
  • Reduce cost due to recall/waste of food
  • Improve food quality
  • Promote safer working environment

    HALAL Food

    Halal food means food permitted under the Shariah law and fulfills the following conditions:

    • the food or its ingredients that do not contain any parts or products of animals that are non-halal to Muslims by Shariah law or products of animals which are not slaughtered according to Shariah law;
    • the food does not contain any ingredients that are najs according to Shariah law;
    • the food  that is safe and not harmful;
    • the food  that is not prepared, processed or manufactured using equipment that is contaminated with things that are najs according to Shariah law;
    • food or its ingredients do not contain any human parts or its derivatives that are not permitted by Shariah law; and
    • during its preparation, processing, packaging, storage or transportation, the food is physically separated from any other food does not meet the requirements stated in items a), b), c), d) or e) or any other things that have been decreed as najs by Shariah law.

    Website officially Launched on 01st December 2012

    About Us

    MHCT (Malaysia Halal Consultation & Training) established and officially registered under the CCM (Company Commission of Malaysia) at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We are in the business of providing Halal Consultancy and Food Handler Training experience since 1998. Many companies have benefited from our professional efforts which include food and non-food business owners, from small and medium sized companies to Multinational Corporation, local and international. Our services are designed to be effective, efficient, consistent and relevant to Industry’s needs to create value for you and your customers.

    Our Vision

    To become an e-based organization that benefited both business and non-business community through continual improvement in demonstrating a culture that is entrepreneurial, innovative and industry focused

    Our Mission

    To provide solution through our effective and efficient services for the betterment of the industry and public this included:

    • Maintain, develop and continue to provide the industry with effective and efficient services.
    • Establish strategic alliances through smart partnership as the medium for the development of specific plans of action relating to business development and operation.
    • Providing the public with the facts, standard and latest information on Halal, Hygiene and Safety food for continuous awareness and understanding.
    • Participating in developing best practices in assuring Halal, Hygiene and Safety compliance across the entire supply chain of the food industry.


    We ensure that you will receive the highest standard of our services available through-out the country (particularly in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur) and these services are provided on a mobile, prompt and personalized basis. This is the case whether you are an individual, a partnership, a family-owned business, or a multi-national corporation

    Why Us?

    • For your convenient our services is mobile to your door step.
    • For you, our services is fast, flexible and hassle-free

    We also deal with International Halal certification body or Local Council such as JAKIM, DBKL, MPPJ and MPSJ to help business owners obtain Halal accreditation, training and other related issues. We are mobile through out Selangor and Kuala Lumpur or even globally. Our services included;

    • Consultation
    • Collection and preparation of documents
    • Submission and follow through of the application(new and renewal application)
    • Obtain approval


    We teach how to improve your food preparation process according to accepted hygienic & safety guides


    We have alliance consultants. They are very experienced food safety auditor and had gained a lot exposure during their years of service in the respective company. Besides internal auditing many of them performs food safety audits on the company vendors and suppliers. The have vast experience in culinary and advanced food safety systems such as:

    • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
    • Hazard Analytical Critical Control Points (HACCP)
    • Food Safety Management System (ISO 22000:2005)

    They are also certified Food Handler Trainer for Ministry Of Health Malaysia and a member of the company’s HALAL and Safety & Health Committee. Other related professional courses they had attended includes the Train the Trainer, Managing Change Effectively- An evolutionary approach to workplace transformation and Project Management.

    Information For JAKIM Halal Application Procedure - Malaysian Company Only


    Amendment to Act to Spur Halal Industry

    Original Article Source: Bernama

    14th May 2010

    The Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry is to table an amendment to the Trade Descriptions Act 1972 in June to support government efforts to spur the national "Halal" (permissible in Islam) industry, Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said today.

    The amended act would widen the scope of enforcement and not restrict it to just food and other consumer products, he said when opening a seminar on opportunities and challenges in the Halal industry, here.

    For example, it would allow the ministry to take enforcement measures against abuse of the Halal logo, he said, adding that the enforcement operations would be conducted in collaboration with the Islamic Development Department (Jakim) and the state Islamic departments.

    Ismail Sabri also said that the act would only allow for one Halal logo to be used, that issued by Jakim.

    "Then, it will be the duty of the ministry to ensure whether the Jakim Halal logo is used," he said.

    He said the ministry collaborated with Jakim to ensure that the proper logo was used and harnessed Jakim's expertise to ensure that the products were really Halal.

    On the participation of cooperatives in the national Halal industry, the minister said only seven cooperatives had the Halal certificate.

    "In fact, their number should be huge because many cooperatives are involved in the food industry," he said, adding that the cooperatives which held Jakim Halal certificates included Koperasi Kakitangan BERNAS, KoMARDI, Koperasi Penjara Wanita Pengkalan Chepa and Koperasi Pertanian Lembah Bidong.

    Ismail Sabri said the participation of bumiputeras and Muslims in the Halal products and services sector had yet to reach an encouraging stage.

    "For example, in 2009, Jakim received 1,907 applications for Halal certification and only 622 of these were from Bumiputera," he said. -- BERNAMA

    Global HALAL Industry

    Halal industry is the fastest growing global business with a built-in consumer base of 1.6 billion muslims spread across the globe. It is also attracting non-muslims with its wholesome, hygienic and contamination free principles in food production. Ultimately the Halal standard has potential consumer reach of more than 6 billion people worldwide.

    The understanding of Halal (lawful) and Tayyib (good) aspects of food and beverages is of utmost importance to Muslims because of its relationship with Ibadah (worship Allah)

    There are 1.6 billion Muslim which are nearly a quarter of world population. Muslim consumers spread out in 112 countries all over the world. In about 70 countries, the Muslim population is the majority.

    Presently, the global halal market is estimated at USD 580 billion and is growing at a rate of about 10 percent annually. (Middle East is in demand of USD 60 billion)

    Halal certification will give producers a competitive advantage over other non-halal producers. The global halal market is a lucrative market for companies to explore.