Certification Requirement:

A General Review of All Existing Standard

  • Premise Only Produces Halal Product:
    There must be no contamination between halal and non-halal products in the storage and manufacturing.
  • Premise Complies With Good Manufacturing:
    This includes a dedicated area for Halal, cleanlines and full hygienic system in the factory and the environment surrounding the factory.  However, factory with normal or manual cleaning procedure can apply for halal certification with strict observation from our consultant.
  • Premise With Two (2) Muslim Workers Is Preferable: The Muslim workers can help factory in complying with halal guideline. However factory without Muslim worker is also qualified to get halal certification after going through intensive Halal  Awareness training.
  • No Food Served Inside The Factory:
    This is to make sure the factory is always kept clean and free from non-halal element.
  • Only Halal Ingredient for Halal Products:
    Among the halal ingredients are:
    - Free from pork or dog
    - Free from non-slaughtered animal
    - Free from animal part, except what has been certified halal
    - Free from animal fat such as enzyme, emulsifier etc. except what has been certified halal.
    - Free from filth or najis
    - Free from wine or liqour alcohol
    - Alcohol content in the finished product must be less than 0.5%. However, less than 0.01% is preferable.
  • There Is No Contamination Between Halal And Non Halal In The Premise:
    Only factory or premise served or produced with halal products can be certified halal. Premise that produces non-halal product cannot be certified unless they discontinue the non-halal and go for halal only. They can operate for halal products after undergoing cleansing procedure according to Islamic law.

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Halal certification confirms that the ingredients used in a product are halal certified and premise is free from contamination from non-halal products and prevents consumer fraud in the preparation, distribution and sale of halal products.

Our Halal Certification:

  • caters for all industries, ranging from food and non-food (cosmetics and personal cares) and eating outlets.
  • Certification process will be fast, convenient and hassle-free for you.
  • will provide confidence to your consumers and eventually will increase your company revenue.

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