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Malaysian Halal Consultation & Training (MHCT) established and officially registered under the CCM (Company Commission of Malaysia in 2011 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We are in the business of providing Halal Consultancy and Food Handler Training experience since 1998. Many companies have benefited from our professional efforts which include food and non-food business owners, from small and medium sized companies to Multinational Corporation, local and international. Our services are designed to be effective, efficient, consistent and relevant to Industry's needs to create value for you and your customers.

Our Vision

To become an e-based organization that benefited both business and non-business community through continual improvement in demonstrating a culture that is entrepreneurial, innovative and industry focused

Our Mission

To provide solution through our effective and efficie nt services for the betterment of the industry and public this included:

  • Maintain, develop and continue to provide the industry with effective and efficient services.
  • Establish strategic alliances through smart partnership as the medium for the development of specific plans of action relating to business development and operation.
  • Providing the public with the facts, standar d and latest information on Halal, Hygiene and Safety food for continuous awareness and understanding.
  • Participating in de veloping best pr actices in assurin g Halal, Hygiene and Safety compliance across the entire supply chain of the food industry.

     Strong commitment by everyone is the key to successful control of the Halal food production. Certification bodies have to educate the industry on Halal requirements and should provide consultancy services on preparation of food, the ingredients, on slaughter techniques and training programmes and actively promote Halal food production.

    We hope the caterers, suppliers, manufacturers and the industry player will commit to understand the Halal certification programmes, Halal guidelines and all its procedures.



MINOR:  involving hygiene and cleanliness (e.g. staff personal hygiene etc.)
MAJOR: involving the change of ingredients, suppliers, machinery and relocation of production plant.
SERIOUS: involving the use of HARAM (Non-Halal)ingredient in the production (e.g. pork or its derivative, animal’s not slaughtered according to Islamic law, etc). Serious and Major failure will cause the certificate to be revoked.

The above mentioned failures will render the certificate to be suspended and subjected to the remedial and corrective actions by the application.

9. Time
The total time of issuing the Halal certification is within one (01) month. This includes the application, process, inspection, report writing, committee meeting and the issuing of the Halal certification. However, it depends if the payment has made by the customers and all corrective action been rectified if required and necessary.

10. Payment

Full payment of the certification fees has to be made before the on-site inspection through TT / Bank Transfer - N.B. Payment Information:

Kindly refer invoice attached*.

* Invoice will be sent once application received and been approved.

  11. Consultation Charge

Training, Monitoring and Certification Charge differ between one region to another i.e.

  • ASEAN Region
  • China, Korea, Japan Region
  • Middle East, North & South Asia Region
  • UK, Europe, Aust./NZ, & Americas Region

MHCT Halal Certification Details

Halal is good for business. It is a form of social obligation and it boosts customers’ trust and confidence in products. It provides tremendous business opportunities and as Halal certification have a competitive advantage over other non certified food companies.

Halal certification benefits all consumers as it not only covers religious requirements but it also imposes strict hygiene practices.

 We would like to inform all airlines caterers and suppliers worldwide that we provide Halal consultation, certification and training. We also continuously monitor all kitchen production facilities, procedures, storage facilities, transportation, product ingredients and processed food especially meat/ poultry items and its derivatives.

Caterers and service providers can apply through the application form available from MHCT Marketing unit in Malaysia or our representative around the world or email to : info@halalmalaysia.net

Here are the steps to obtain a Halal Certification from us :

1. Document Evaluation
The evaluation of application forms and supporting documents includes a detailed analysis of the company’s profile and registration, the local authority’s license, declared ingredients, name and address of manufacturers / suppliers of ingredients, original status of Halal ingredients, packaging material, manufacturing process and procedures, Halal certification from suppliers and slaughterhouse certification from the Islamic Authority or Department.

2. Inspection
The inspection of the premises has to be in accordance with those declared in the application forms and supporting documents. The site visit involves a meeting with senior officers of the company and questioning the production staff responsible for the Halal requirements. The physical site inspection includes inspection of ingredients declared, storage of raw materials and finished products, cold rooms, processing plant- manufacturing flows and handling aspects during production, packaging materials, general hygiene, quality control and assurance practices.
Full payment of the certification fees has to be made before the on-site inspection.

3. Discussion
The discussion with the senior personnel of the company and the production staff responsible for the Halal compliance is to confirm the observation findings and the necessary recommendation are duly endorsed as correct by the parties concerned.

4. Report Preparation
Halal auditors or inspectors conducting the inspection and analysis will then write a full report on the status of the application.

5. Evaluation Committee and Recommendation
The report will then be tabled and evaluated by the Halal Committee for issuing Halal Certificate.

6. Issuing The Halal Certificate
Once the caterer is been accredited, permission is granted to display the certification logo in the premises. This is a valuable assurance that the premises are Halal and Hygiene certified and meeting the highest quality of Halal accreditation.

7.Halal Certificate and Logo
The validity period of the certificate is for one (01) year. Renewal application has to be forwarded not later than two (02) months before the expiry date.

8.Halal Conformity
MHCT will carry out Halal conformity through constant monitoring either be  a surprise visit / inspection or verbal communication with the companies involved.
Upon discovery during the post certification period, any changes made by the caterer without prior approval from us will result in the certificate being suspended or revoked. These changes may be minor or major.



Hj. Rafek Saleh, MHCT Principal Halal Consultant, born in 1954 in the city of Georgetown – Penang, Certification & Training Manager for Malaysia Airlines with 39 years working experience. He is also certified Halal Food Processing and Handling Trainer and also a content provider for IHIA (International Halal Integrity Alliance) Halal Standards.

He is holding degree in Islamic Jurisprudence - Executive Diploma in Islamic Studies, Diploma in Islamic Theology (Usulud

din), Diploma in Islamic Law (Syariah) from Islamic Academy - University Malaya.

He was one of the recipients of the prestigious "Anugerah Maulidur Rasul” award from His Royal Highness King DYMM Tuanku Ja’afar Ibni Almarhum Tuanku Abdul Rahman.

 Relevant Skills and ExperienceAgong.jpg

Trained over 5,500 In-flight catering senior management, managers, executives, departmental supervisors, operations / production staff and food suppliers worldwide from 1997 – 2012 and ongoing.....

Developed curriculum adhering to corporate policies and procedures to conduct group training for Halal Awareness Programe and Halal Food Guidelines. Supervised and trained MAS Catering / LSG Sky Chefs (LSGB) employees in maintaining Halal, Hygiene and Quality standard. Provide Technical advisory and Halal consultancy.

Provide training to managers, executive chefs, cooks, etc. in-house and abroad such as Tokyo Flight Kitchen Japan, Evergreen Sky Catering Taipei-Taiwan, GIC International Catering Frankfurt, LSG-Sky Chefs Heathrow London & Manchester, Taj Sats Catering Delhi, Bombay, Madras & Banglore India, Beijing Airport Inflight Kitchen China,  Setting up Halal Kitchen at Cosmo & Tokyo Flight Kitchen, Evergreen Sky Catering Taipei, Servair CPA Catering Paris, Gate Gourmet Arlanda, Copenhagen, Zurich, Geneva, Buenos Aires, HACOR Corp. Los Angeles, SATS Adel Abujadayel Jeddah, Sri Lankan Air Catering, Korean Air Catering, Dnata Catering Singapore, Alpha Flight Services Australia & Amsterdam, Maldive Inflight Catering, Royal  Fukuoka & Kansai Inflight Catering Japan, Marfo Amsterdam, Frankenberg Germany, Munich and etc.

Successfully designed, developed, and supported the Halal food service providers globally with “HACIT” (Halal Application Concept In Totality) programme.



We have alliance consultants. They are very experienced food safety auditor and had gained a lot exposure during their years of service in the respective company. Besides internal auditing many of them performs food safety audits on the company vendors and suppliers. The have vast experience in culinary and advanced food safety systems such as:

  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • Hazard Analytical Critical Control Points (HACCP)
  • Food Safety Management System (ISO 22000:2005)

They are also certified Food Handler Trainer for Ministry Of Health Malaysia and a member of the company’s HALAL and Safety & Health Committee. Other related professional courses they had attended includes the Train the Trainer, Managing Change Effectively- An evolutionary approach to workplace transformation and Project Management.




Prof Dr. Jane Tranquilan (Mariam) experiences with Halal started in January 2001 with Mindanao State University and Mindanao Caribao Centre in Philippines. At this point of time the acceptance of Halal and its understanding was quite limited and being in the university in Philippines in the respect for Halal as per International Standards.

Through contractual obligation Dr. Jane had to audit other caterers in regards to services provided to Halal industry players in Philippines and beyond.

Dr. Jane has now established her office called MHCT-Philippines which has an affiliation with MHCT Agency in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She will will undertake Halal auditing, approval and training. She primarily focuses on airline catering but can also provide valuable consultation to the food services industry, restaurants and cafes. She is passionate and dedicated and will prove to be an asset to our company.

MHCT Marketing Manager & Lead Auditor Mr. Shamsool Bahri Janan.


Experience: From 29th MAY 1974 date joined to 9th JAN 2008 - date retired from MAS  Catering / LSG Sky Chefs Brahim.
Airline Catering Exercise
• Operations Department.
• Training & Development Dept.
• Business Planning Dept
• Marketing Department.
• QA Hygiene  Department.
• HALAL Excellence Centre
Industrial Catering Exercise
• SUKOM 98 Catering Project
• SUKMA 2000 PEN Catering Project
• APEC Catering
• The First F1 Catering Project Sepang
 ISO 9000 Quality Management System Exercise
• MAS In-Flight Catering KUL ISO 9000 Accreditation by RWTUV Germany
(Responsibility :> Internal Auditor, Doc Writer and Doc & Data Controller) 1998
• MAS In-Flight Catering PEN ISO 9000 Accreditation by RWTUV Germany
(Responsibility :> Internal Auditor, Facilitator & Trainer) 1998
• MAS Industrial Catering SUBANG ISO 9000 Accreditation by RWTUV Germany
(Responsibility :> Overall preparation & Execution of ISO 9000) 1999
HALAL Concept Exercise
• MAS Catering HALAL ISI 2020 Accreditation by RISIS 1998 Subang
• LSG SKY Chefs Brahim HALAL Accreditation – KLIA, 2003 JAKIM
• Setting up of HALAL Excellence Center LSG SKY Chefs Brahim KLIA 2004
• MHCT (IHIA, Islamic Chambers of Commerce & MAS) Mktg. & Dev. 2012
HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) Exercise
• HACCP Recognition by Ministry of Health Malaysia for SUKOM 98 (MAS Catering)
• HACCP seminar by ROMAN GATLAND of Texas at SUBANG (MAS Catering)
• HACCP & Quality Program by UPM/MAS Catering at KLIA SEPANG (MAS Catering)
• HACCP (ISO 22000 : 2005) KLIA Accreditation & Certification 2012 Pan Pacific KLIA
• HACCP Consultant for ACLAM Enterprise, Principle Consultant-LAM AH CHYE 2012
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