November 2022 - IHIA Halal Accredited Company

Jummah Masjid Halal Council, Port Louis,Mauritius.

November 2021 - IHIA Halal Accredited Company

DOST-ITDI Halal Food R & D Facility

DOST Compound, General Santos Ave.

Bicutan, Taguig City, Philippines.

Certificate Number : ICCI-IHIA/2021/011

Issued on : 01st November 2021

Accreditation Date : 01st November 2021

Valid until : 31st October 2023

July 2021 - IHIA Halal Accredited Company

Halal Foundation Center Ltd.

Flat 9, 1/F, Yee Fai Building423-433 Chatham Road

North Hunghom, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Certificate Number    : ICCI-IHIA/2021/021

Issued on                      : 27th  July 2021

Accreditation Date     : 26th  July 2021

Valid until                     : 25th  July 2023


November 2020 - IHIA Certified Halal Company


Plot No: 531-563, Dubai Industrial City, 

P.O.Box: 48989, Dubai UAE

Has complied with the Halal Food Guidelines according to :


For the following scope:

Production of Sanitized Cut Vegetables & Salads, Hot Foods and Ice Cream.

Reference No.  : MHCT/IHIA 012/1442 # Date of Issue  : 10th November 2020 # Valid Until : 09th November 2023

August 2020 - IHIA Certified Halal Company

Qatar Aircraft Catering Company

Registered Branch of Qatar Airways QCSC.

P.O. Box: 22383, Doha, Qatar 

Halal Inflight Kitchen Unit

Have complied with the Halal & Hygiene requirements according  to Islamic Dietary Law and

Malaysian Halal Standard MS1500-2019 & IHIAS 0200:2010


July 2020 - IHIA Certified Halal Company


Building No.32, Street No. 7, Area 81, New Industrial Area, Doha, Qatar, P.O. Box 93839

Has complied with the Halal Food Guidelines According to ICCI-IHI ALLIANCE HALAL STANDARD

IHIAS 0200:2010 & 0600:2010

Scope of activities: 

Processed of frozen or chilled ready to cook breaded / un-breaded prepared meat products and frozen or chilled ready to eat cooked meat. Product packed in plastic films/bags/trays including MAP & Vacuum packaging.

Products Categories:

Raw prepared products (meat and vegetarian), cooked meat/fish products.

Reference No.  : MHCT/IHIA 093/1441  # Date of Issue  : 20th July 2020   # Valid Until : 19th July 2022

Year 2020 - IHIA Certified Halal Lead Auditor Training Program

Location: Microsoft Team Meetings

IHIA Certified Halal Lead Auditor & Trainer Name: Dr. Nasser Zeidan Elshafei

Office #10, First floor Admin Building block A, Dubai Central Laboratory, Karama, Zabeel St 

Dubai 7151, United Arab Emirates 

Name of Participants who PASSED the Halal Lead Auditor Exam with Merit:-   

Conducted from 07th , 08th & 09th July 2020, 

    1. Dr. Mansour Ali Abdellatif 
    2. Ms. Ansy Ansari
    3. Mr. Sarfaraz Ahmed

     Participants Namelist of Zoom Cloud Meetings / Training conducted from 06th – 08th May 2020

    1. Dr. Roula Shaaban Ibrahim Hassan 
    2. Mr. Mustafa Kawtharani 
    3. Mr. Mansoor Razi Uddin Siddiqui 
    4. Dr. Ranya Shaban Ibrahim Hasan
    5. Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed Saifelnasr 
    6. Dr. Mohamed El-Hamdy  
    7. Dr. Hassan Zahran
    8. Mr. Sharief Mohammad Ismail 
    9. Mr. Sajjad Anwar Muhammad Anwar  
    10. Mr. Shabeek Thayyil 

    Participants Namelist of  Zoom Cloud Meetings / Training  held in Rose Rayhaan by Rotana, Dubai UAE


    Conducted on 3rd & 4th March 2020 CPD was 12 hours 

    DR. MOHAMED EYADA ALKOBAISI - Dubai Islamic & Charity Affairs Department: Lead Auditor & Trainer

    2 DR. ENGY ABDULLAH KHALIL - Food Safety & Nutrition Specialist: Auditor

    3 MR. HUMAYUN AFZAL - Towers, Rotana Hotel: Auditor

    4 MR. MOHAMMED KHALID SAEED - Dubai Municipality: Lead Auditor

    5 MR MOHAMMED NADEEM - Dubai Municipality: Auditor

    6 MR. MOHAMMED ASAD - Dubai Municipality: Auditor

    7   MR. MOATAZ ALI HASSAN - ADAFSA: Lead Auditor

    8 MRS UZMA CHAUDHRY -  SUIS Management Consultancy: Auditor


    Halal Foundation Center Hong  Kong (HFC HKG). Flat B, 11/F, Best-O-Best Commercial Center,

    32 – 36 Ferry Street, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon, Hong Kong 



    Centre For Halal Assurance (CEHA), No. 10 Nabha Road, Old Anarkalii,Lahore, PAKISTAN

    Certificate Number: ICCI-IHIA/2019/001      Issued on: 27th February 2019


    International Halal Inspectionand Certification (IHIC), No.537 Kamran,

    Block Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore, PAKISTAN

    Certificate Number: ICCI-IHIA/2019/002         Issued on: 27th February 2019


    WHAD World Halal Development(Halal Roma),   Address: ViA FRATTINI 3-37131   

    Location: VERONA VR, ITALY

    Certificate Number: ICCI-IHIA/2019/003         Issued on: 27th February 2019



    Republic of Mauritius

    Certificate Number: ICCI-IHIA/2019/004         Issued on: 15th March 2019


    Matrix QAS International Limited, Shanjari Tower (4th Floor), Flat No:5/D, 78, Nayapaltan,

    Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.

    Certificate Number: ICCI-IHIA/2019/005         Issued on: 18th March 2019


    PRIME Certification & Inspection LLC. Plot No. 531-519, Dubai Industrial City.P.O.Box: 61670

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Certificate Number: ICCI-IHIA/2017/007         Issued on: 17th July 2017






    Client Name: Arman Sanat Padmira – IHIA Halal Accredited Body – Since 2014

    United Registrar of Systems (URS - Iran Agency), 3rd Unit, No. 118, Darya Blvd., Sa’adat Abad, Tehran, Iran.

    YEAR: 2014
    01) Moshkboo Tea Co. (Halal Certificate Reference No. MHCT/URS 02 /231114 THR)
    Site1: No.59-P39, Station Ghand o Shekar, Western Shoosh,Tehran - IRAN. Scope: Storage, Production and Sale of Tea & Tea Bags.

    Audit date: 23/11/2014
    02) Moshkboo Tea Co. (Halal Certificate Reference No. MHCT/URS 02 /231114 THR)
    Site2: No.6, West 6 Alley, Karimi Shirazi St., 24 Razi St., Ray, Tehran -  IRAN. Scope: Storage, Production and Sale of Tea & Tea Bags.

    Audit date: 23/11/2014

    YEAR: 2015
    03) Arazmorgh Tabriz (Halal Certificate Reference No. MHCT/URS 03 /010115 THR)
    Address: After shrin, Infront of Tractorsazi,Korjan, Chamran Road,Tabriz, Eastern Azarbayjan, IRAN. Scope: Slaughtering, Packaging & Congelation of Hen.

    Audit date: 01/01/2015

    04) Faraz Nemooneh Qeshm Food Industries Co. (Halal Certificate Reference No. MHCT/URS 04 /240115 THR)
    No.16, Shafiee St., Jalal St. Abidi Blvd., Karaj Special Road, 8km, Tehran - IRAN. Scope: Preparation of Hot and Cold Meals & Beverages.

    Audit date: 24/01/2015

    05) Tamafshan Bartar (Halal Certificate Reference No. MHCT/URS 05 /280115 THR)
    No. 2/2, Boostan St. Hatam Rad Ave., Ebn-e-Sina Blvd., Abbas Abad Industrial Town, 35th Khavaran Road,Tehran - IRAN. Scope: Production and

    Sale of Fruits Rolls & Processed Plums.

    Audit date: 28/01/2015

    06) MORVARID SEFID GOLBARG. (Halal Certificate Reference No. MHCT/URS 06 /010215 THR)
    13th St., 1st Blvd., Booali Industrial Estate, Hamedan - IRAN. Scope: Preparation of Sausages, Hamburger, Canned Foods & Packaging of Halal Slaughtered

    & Frozen Chicken.

    Audit date: 01/02/2015

    07) Alireza & Hamidreza Shekarriz Manufacturing (Halal Certificate Reference No. MHCT/URS 07 /120215 THR)
    No. 32, Masire Naft St., Kermanshah, IRAN. Scope: Producing Flour Sweets.

    Audit date: 12/02/2015

    08) Amol Dairy Products Co. (SALEH) (Halal Certificate Reference No. MHCT/URS 08 /140215 THR)
    5th Km Amol-Haraz Road, Amol, Mazandaran, IRAN. Scope: Production of Dairy Products (Pasteurized Milk, Yoghurt, Cream, Dough & Cream Cheese).

    Audit date: 14/02/2015

    09) Ard Nader (Halal Certificate Reference No. MHCT/URS 09 /190215 THR)
    Poolad Sazan Boulevard, Dehak Industrial Zone, Safadasht,  Malard, Tehran, IRAN. Scope: Production of Wheat Flour. Audit date: 19/02/2015

    10) Firooz Hygienic Group (Halal Certificate Reference No. MHCT/URS 10 /060315 THR)
    No.5, Marvdasht St., Ashrafi Esfahani Highway, Tehran, IRAN. Scope: Development and Manufacture of Hygienic Products.

    Audit date: 06/03/2015

    11) Vendo Apadana (Halal Certificate Reference No. MHCT/URS 11 /060515 THR)
    Banafshe 34 st., Industrual Park No.2 (Khazra), Kerman, IRAN. Scope: Pasteurization and Packaging of different kinds of Herb, Dried Fruit, Dried Vegetable,

    Date, Saffron and Spices.

    Audit date: 06/05/2015

    12) Mina Qazvin Food Industries Co. (Halal Certificate Reference No. MHCT/URS 12 /110615 THR)
    Kavoshgaran Street, Lia Industrial City, Qazvin, IRAN. Scope: Manufacture of all kinds of Carbonated & Diabetic Beverages, Drinking Water & Energy Drinks.

    Audit date: 11/06/2015

    13) Andre Meat Production Company (Halal Certificate Reference No. MHCT/URS 13 /270715 THR)
    West 3rd Floor, No.227,Motahari Avenue, Tehran, IRAN. Scope: Production of Sausages.

    Audit date: 27/07/2015

    14) ATAco (Halal Certificate Reference No. MHCT/URS 14 /110815 THR)
    5th Km, Fath Road, Tehran, IRAN. Scope: Production of Different Kinds of Tomato Paste and Pickles.

    Audit date: 11/08/2015

    15) Mani Confectionery (Halal Certificate Reference No. MHCT/URS 15 /191015 THR)
    East Sardaran Blvd, Imam Khomeini Sq. Karaj IRAN. Scope: Production of Different Kinds of Cookies and Cakes.

    Audit date: 19/10/2015

    16) Barij Essence Pharmaceutical Co. (Halal Certificate Reference No. MHCT/URS 16 /091115 THR)
    Mashhad Ardahal, Kashan, Po. Box 1178, IRAN. Scope: Production of Herbal Human and Animal Drugs, Cosmetic , Hygienic Products & Food Supplements.

    Audit date: 09/11/2015

    17) Persian Poodr Asia Co. (Halal Certificate Reference No. MHCT/URS 17 /081215 THR)
    Hashtroodi St., Shams Abad , Industrial Zone, Tehran, IRAN. Scope: Production of Sausages, Salami, Burgers and Red and White Meat.

    Audit date: 08/12/2015

    YEAR: 2016
    18) Amol - Saleh Co. (Halal Certificate Reference No. MHCT/URS 18 /170116 THR)
    1st Phase , Emamzadeh Abdolah Industrial City, Amol , Mazandaran, IRAN. Scope: Production of Ice Cream and Feta Cheese.

    Audit date: 17/01/2016

    19) Golkaran Agro Industry Co. (Halal Certificate Reference No. MHCT/URS 19 /200116 THR)
    Po.Box: 1178 – Mashhad Ardehal, Kashan – IRAN. Scope: Cultivation & production of medicinal herbs & products such as Essential oils, Concentrates,

    Cold press oils, Damask Rose Water, Distilled Waters (such as Lavender, Thyme, Chicory, Mint), Damask Rose Attar (Nasim).

    Audit date: 20/01/2016

    20) Hamid Food Industry. (Halal Certificate Reference No. MHCT/URS 20 /100316 THR)
    Taleghani St., Taleghani Zone, Imam Mohammad Bagher St., Islamshahr, Tehran, IRAN. Scope: Production of Different Kinds of Pickles.

    Audit date: 10/03/2016

    21) Basim Co. (Halal Certificate Reference No. MHCT/URS 21 /050616 THR)
    Goldasteh St., Shahtare St., 12 Km Ayatollah Saeedi Highway , Tehran - IRAN. Scope: Production of  Tomato Paste. Audit date: 05/06/2016

    22) HAMEDANIAN Co. (Halal Certificate Reference No. MHCT/URS 22 /060616 THR)
    ( Pab HAMEDANIAN ), 6 Km Ayatollah Saeedi Highway, Tehran - IRAN. Scope: Production of  Tomato Paste, Pepper Red Sauce, Ketchup & Vinegar.

    Audit date: 06/06/2016

    23) Arta Food Casings Co. (Halal Certificate Reference No. MHCT/URS 23 /020616 THR)
    Salimi Industrial Zone,35 Km., Azarshahr, Tabriz - IRAN. Scope: Manufacture of Casings for Food.

    Audit date: 02/06/2016

    24) Bargozideh Laban Bonab  (Halal Certificate Reference No. MHCT/URS 24 /050716 THR)
    7th km of Malekan Road , Bonab , East Azarbayjan - IRAN. Scope: Production of Dairy Products. Audit date: 05/07/2016

    25) Tabriz International Hotel (Halal Certificate Reference No. MHCT/URS 25 /220916 THR)
    Tabriz International Hotel, Daneshgah Sq., Imam Khomeini St., Tabriz,  IRAN. Scope : Provision of Travel , Tourism and Conference Services,

    Coffee Shop in the Hotel.

    Audit date: 22/09/2016

    26) ATRAGIN Co. (Halal Certificate Reference No. MHCT/URS 26 /280916 THR)
    9th Street, Hashtgerd Industrial City, Alborz, IRAN. Scope: Production of Different Kinds of Cosmetic and Hygienic Products.

    Audit date: 28/09/2016

    YEAR: 2017
    27) Mazze Darya Chabahar. (Halal Certificate Reference No. MHCT/URS 27 /130117 THR)
    Negoure Industrial Park , Negoure, Chabahar ,IRAN. Scope: Production of Canned Fish. Audit date: 13/01/2017

    28) Asiab Talaee Co. (Delveseh). (Halal Certificate Reference No. MHCT/URS 28 /110217 THR)
    No 2 – Laleh Ave., Amol Industrial City, Emamzadeh Abdolah Road, Amol, IRAN. Scope: Production and Sale of Sauce, Canned Pickles & Vinegar.

    Audit date: 11/02/2017

    29) Shirooneh Baklava (Halal Certificate Reference No. MHCT/URS 29 /040317 THR)
    In front of Ferdos Alley (Beheshti Blvd.), Yaghchian Town, Tabriz, IRAN. Scope: Production and Sale of Different Kinds of Iran Traditional Confectionery,

    include Baklava and Halva.

    Audit date: 04/03/2017






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