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"We will maintain, develop and continue to provide effective and efficient services, latest information, facts and standards, established strategic alliances and development of best practices in assuring Halal, Hygiene and Safety compliance across the entire supply chain of the food industry for the benefit of both business and public (Muslim Ummah)."


Our Services


It is part of our responsibility to nurture the industry in Malaysia with up-to-date and accurate information on businesses and consumer trends. In order to achieve that goal, we have established high-end professional consultancy services for entrepreneurs in enhancing their Halal businesses. The objectives are:

• To enhance standard of operations in terms of Halal compliance;

• To provide solutions which include project plans and implementation;

• To assist other developmental agencies in creating new entrepreneurs in the Halal industry; and
• To assist on establishment of a Halal Integrity System within their organization.

With the current trend of vastly growing halal market, SMEs and business owners are known to face a lot of challenges in penetrating the halal industry. Among other things, the key scenario and challenges that are normally faced are:



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Highly competitive market

Few companies with HACCP, GMP and Halal Accreditation.

Few having export potential

Production of low value products

Price competition

Lack of product innovation and branding

Vulnerability to price fluctuations in commodities

 Lack of Trained Staff / workers in related fields

The services MHCT is providing are as follows:

1. Halal Consultation Services, include assistance in application of JAKIM Halal certification, halal pre-audit, non–conformance findings, rectification exercise, corrective action report and follow–up on the halal requirements.

2. Halal Awareness Training, for internal organisation development, which covers the enhancement of knowledge, expertise and technology to meet the current demands.

3. Development of Halal Assurance System, where we share and consult other organizations globally, who are intended to be a qualified certification body. Besides that, there will be sharing of business data for the purpose of enhancing business contact between local and international industry players.

4. Supply Chain Halal Process Flow and Business Improvement, as MHCT continues to establish relationships with various international organizations and Halal certification bodies our local industry players should be able to extend or market their products or services through this initiative.

5. Marketing and Branding, creating opportunity for industry player to promote halal products that can benefit consumers.



FAQ on MHCT - Halal Training & Accreditation Programme.

As mentioned clearly in our business plan, we are willing to assist all service providers (caterers/ food suppliers) in conducting the Halal Comprehensive Training and Certification Audit Programme, inline with your commitment to provide Halal and Quality service with absolute integrity and utmost responsibility to your customers. This initiative is currently a pre-requisite to the future signing of the Catering Agreement to some customer with all caterers / supplier worldwide and should be treated with priority.

Keeping you informed of the latest "Halal Training & Accreditation Programme", we have already trained, audited and certified more than 50 cateres / Inflight Kitchens worldwide (Station in S.E.A., India, Sri Lanka, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Middle East, USA, UK, Europe and Australia / NZ).

For your info to the FAQ for clarification on a few points, the answers are as follows:-

1) Would this training / accreditation replace the certification we require at a local level and what impact would it have on our business?

Answer: The key requirements of Halal accreditation is to have Halal training, and it is a preferred and mandatory Halal compliance and will be an advantage to do so.

2) About what impact would it have on the local Islamic or Halal representative council by having MHCT - Halal Training and Accreditation?

Answer: As Malaysian Halal certification body, it's a known fact and generally recognized that whenever it is been certified and trained by us, other potential "Halal Customer / Airlines" will follow suit and take Malaysia as a benchmark and model due to our strict Halal Standards and Compliance and because of Malaysia global reputation as a Halal Hub.

3) Where is the venue of training?

Answer: At your premises or In-flight Kitchen unit.

4) What is the cost involve in this Training & Certification?

Answer: Kindly refer item No. 11 – Consultation Charge.


The Training, Monitoring and Certification Charge - inclusive of Halal Training Hand-Outs, Certificate of Attendance, Accreditation Service,  Halal Guidelines and Consultation.

Besides consultation charge, all costs incurred pertaining to Hotel accommodation and domestic flight (if applicable) will be borne by the caterer / food supplier.

5) Is it including flight ticket?

Answer: Flight ticket will be borne by MHCT for the first trip.


N.B. However for the second and subsequent trips, including if the station / city which are not included in Malaysian home base scheduled destinations (Flight Routings) an additional of USD $ 1,500.00 will be charged.

6) When would the training and audit began and how long would it last?

Answer: Anytime from now as per your request. Duration 02 - 03 Days.

Training program is very flexible, we can have 02 session per day (morning & afternoon) 1000 - 1300hrs and 1400 - 1700hrs.

Total participant for each session can be between 15 to 25 staff or more.

Attendees:  (a) Key personnel from management team e.g. QA, Procurement,                 

                         Executive Chef, Operation and Production.

                    (b) It is preferable to those who are involved directly or indirectly in

                         Halal Food preparation.

For training, we need a projector for the powerpoint presentation. Hand-outs (master copy & CD) will be provided.


7) How is the Itinerary?

Day 01

Training on Total Application of Halal according to Codex Alimentarius & MAS Standards base on Malaysian MS1500 Guidelines to caterer - Management team and Staff.

Day 02
To conduct Compliance Certification Audit at Kitchen unit. The audit will cover Kitchen Halal/Hygiene & Quality Compliance (including selected supplier if applicable and necessary).

Day 03

Morning: To do follow-up and documentation audit etc.

Afternoon: Debriefing and Certificate Presentation Ceremony.

FYI, the differences between our training & certification programme compare the one provided by local authority are the Inflight Catering Guidelines - We focused on Halal Application Concept in Totality approach or also known as "HACIT".

It will cover the entire area from handling of food, processing, critical control points as per IATA - Airlines Protocol and Malaysian strict Halal Standards MS1500 (inclusive of Halal, Hygiene, Quality, Safety and Adherence to Specification Audits).

We have developed a documented procedure for this purpose. The procedure is consistent with HACCP, CODEX, MS1500 and other quality assurance standards and is easily implemented. We work closely with the caterer every step of the way to make sure all questions are answered and the Halal food procedures are integrated into the standard operating procedures.

Once the Caterer meets the requirements for Halal accreditation, a Certificate of Compliance is issued.

I sincerely hope that, this info is sufficient enough, if need more please call us at: - Mobile: (+6) 019 380 9652 or (+6) 016 208 9652.

Kind Regards,

Hj. Abdul Rafek Bin Mohamed Saleh
Executive Director Consulting - Malaysian Halal Consultation and Training Agency. /


Mobile:  +6019 380 9652  or  Mobile: +6016 208 9652

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